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Competition information and rules for international players

MOCNA PIĄTKA by Dawid Tomala – Walk 20km

STRONG FIVE by Dawid Tomala – Walk 20km

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Competition information and rules



Saturday, June 22, 2024



Loop on the roller skating track – ul. Trzech Stawów, Katowice, Poland



2M Promotion, Tomali Zwycięzcy Foundation

Supporting bodies:

Polish Athletics Association/World Athletics


Technical Delegate of the Polish Athletics Association:

Ryszard Kądziołka


Competition Director:

Marek Mróz –


Contact with the Organizer’s Office:


Location of the Competition Office and working hours during the event:

Skwer 304 Dywizjonu Bombowego Ziemi Śląskiej przy ul. Trzech Stawów, Katowice

21/06: 18:30–20:00

22/06: 7:00–13:30


Competition route:

The race walking competition will take place on the route located on the roller skating track – ul. Trzech Stawów in Katowice

On April 10, the course was officially measured and certified by a World Athletics measurer

The loop is 1 km long, asphalt surface.




Detailed information about the route:


Distances and age categories:

The competition is open to all race walking competitors with a PZLA license and affiliated with the PZLA and foreign competitors in the following categories and distances:


Sports walking 20 km:

Open for Elite Men and Women – born in 2004 and older



– for PZLA license holders at particular distances in race walking, registration will be available via the STARTER registration system available at:

– foreign competitors can register for the Competition until June 20, 2024 by e-mail to E-mail registration must include name, surname, gender, date of birth, event, club, country and personal best.


Registration will be open until June 20, 2024, at 12:00. After this date, the Organizer does not guarantee participation in the Competition.



In accordance with World Athletics regulations, for the 20 km Elite distance there will be 3 international judges selected from the Area Race Walking Judges Panel. Additional judges will be invited from the PZLA Sports Walking Judges’ Panel.


Medical Care:

The competition will be secured by the Medical Partner, in accordance with Polish legal regulations.


Starting fees:

25€ payable to the Organizer’s bank account no. PL 85 1050 1214 1000 0090 7028 5151


Lack of entry fee recorded in the Organizer’s account will prevent the issuance of a starting package and participation in the Competition.



Financial prizes for the best 3 female and 3 male competitors taking part in the 20 km competition:


1.     500€

2.     400€

3.     300€


The prizes will be reduced by 10% of the local tax and will be transferred by bank transfer to the bank account indicated by the competitor or his official representative.

Cups, gifts and medals will be awarded to the best three players. Gifts and diplomas are planned for players 4-6.


Minute program of the competition [PROJECT]:

07:00-13:00 – Issuing starting packages at the Race Office (the race office closes half an hour before the start of individual distances)

08:00-12:00 – Possibility to leave your belongings in deposit before the start

08:30-08:45 – Official opening and warm-up with Olympic Champion Dawid Tomala

09:00 – Start Mocna 5 – 5km run

09:02 – Start Nordic walking 5 km

10:00 – Start of Mocna Piątka by Dawid Tomala – walking 20km

12:00 – Start Mocna 5 – 10km run

13:10-13:25 – Warm-up with Olympic Champion Dawid Tomala

13:30 – Start of Mocna 5 Junior

15:00 – Decorations of individual distances and categories

16:00 – Musical surprise

17:00 – End of the competition



Competition footwear must comply with World Athletics regulations regarding sole thickness. The footwear checking procedure will take place in the call room before the competition, and in justified cases in the post-event zone after the competition.



Consent form of meeting participants, allowing participation in the competition:


I declare my willingness to participate in the Mocna Piątka by Dawid Tomala Walk Race (Mocna Piątka Walk) on the following terms and conditions, which constitute a binding agreement between me, the organizers 2M Promotion and the Tomali Zwycięzcy Foundation (Organizer).


1)    I will comply with the International Rules for Athletics Competitions (World Athletics Competiton Rules) and all rules specified for these Competitions, which will be defined and presented on the website and communicated to the competitors.

2)    I am physically and mentally able to participate safely in the Competition without causing injury to myself or other participants of the Mocna Piątka Walk.

3)    I consent and accept the possibility of medical assistance provided to me by the Organizer or its employees in a situation that threatens my health or life. If I am provided with emergency medical care or services that require payment of fees, I agree to cover these costs.

4)    Participating in Mocna Piątka Walk and related physical activities (Activities) involves predictable and unpredictable risks, random events and dangers that cannot be eliminated by any amount of caution, attention or specialist knowledge, including, but not limited to, the possibility of serious bodily injury, diseases, illnesses and infections, including, but not limited to, COVID-19. I understand and confirm that participation in the event involves risks, dangers and hazards (Risk) and I expressly and voluntarily assume the Risk and liability for any damages, liabilities and losses, including loss of income, expenses or any other related losses resulting from the Risk arising from my participation in the Competition.

5)    In exchange for the Organizer allowing my participation in Mocna Piątka Walk, I agree to indemnify or indemnify the Organizer Mocna Piątka Walk, its employees and all volunteers from any injuries, losses, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, demands, claims. or any action arising at common law or statutory law which I may suffer or incur in connection with my participation in Mocna Piątka Walks, including as a result of negligence, breach of statutory duty or any act or omission of the Organizer and its employees and volunteers.

6)    I consent to my image being recorded, including taking photos and recording videos before, during and after my participation in Mocna Piątka Walk. I consent and acknowledge that photos and video recordings owned by the Organizer may be used for promotional or other purposes without my further consent. I also consent to the Organizer using my name, surname, image, voice and likeness from my performance in Mocna Piątka Walk at any time in order to promote and publicize the current and future Competitions, without remuneration.

7)    I consent to providing the Organizer with all my personal data and details of all accompanying persons („Personal Data”) that may be provided by them:

a)   The Future Organizer of the Mocna Piątka Walk,

b)   Polish Athletics Association,

c)    World Athletics Federation.




8)    I consent to the use of my Personal Data by the Organizer or the institutions to which they were made available for the following purposes:

a)   any purpose required or deemed appropriate to assist the parties to this Agreement or the Government of the Host Country or any public or local government body, service or agency in the Host Country,

b)   to contact me regarding my registration and/or participation in Mocna Piątka Walk,

c)    provide medical assistance in emergencies, e.g. if I suffer an injury, fall ill or otherwise become ill during the Mocna Piątka Walk,

d)   personal data may also be used for any purpose:

i)      required or permitted by law,

ii)     required to investigate illegal activity,

iii)    required by the investigative body for investigative activities,

iv)   necessary to prevent a serious and immediate threat to human life, health or safety, public health or safety,

v)    personal data may be disclosed abroad for specific purposes.

9)    I consent to the Organizer storing Personal Data and medical data in its database.

10) I agree to comply with all government protocols and regulations necessary for entry into the Host Country, including, without limitation, all COVID-related requirements that are applicable at the time of my arrival. I further agree that I will comply with all such protocols and regulations at all times during my stay in the Host Country and during the Mocna Piątka Walk.

11) I am aware that events may be delayed or canceled for reasons beyond the Organizer’s control. I agree that the Organizer shall not be liable for any loss, financial or otherwise, which I may suffer arising out of or caused directly or indirectly by forces beyond the Organizer’s control, including but not limited to: strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military riots, weather, pandemics or epidemics or diseases, nuclear or natural disasters or natural disasters, or interruptions, loss or malfunction of computer tools, communications or services (software and hardware). The organizer, in the unlikely event of cancellation of Mocna Piątka Walk for any reason, will refund all fees to organizations and people that could have contributed to financing the event. Such refunds will be made only up to the amount that the Organizer will have at its disposal after fulfilling all obligations.


Anti-doping and gender qualification tests (applies only to competitors competing in race walking over a distance of 20 km in the OPEN category): I acknowledge that anti-doping and gender qualification tests may be carried out in accordance with anti-doping rules and regulations, etc. World Athletics and hereby consent to submit to all requirements regarding these tests during the Mocna Piątka Walk.